We offer a variety of waxing and specialty services and dedicated to the highest standards and protocols of sanitation and disinfection. We carry a wide variety of premium hard and soft waxes. An individual consultation will determine which is best suited for you. It is important to know if you are currently using Retin-a or any skin thinning product you may not be waxed.

Hair Removal:

• Brow Shape $20 • Lip, Chin or Sideburns $10 • Underarms $15 • Half Arm $20 • Full Arm $40 • Half Back $25 • Full Back $40
• Abs/Chest $45 • Half Leg $30 • Full Leg $50 • Bikini $25 • Brazilian $50 • Brazilian (full frontal only) $45
• French Bikini (more than a bikini but not a braz) $40 • Half Leg & Bikini $50 • Half Leg & Brazilian $75 • Full Leg & Bikini $70
•  Full Leg & Brazilian $95
Rebook your bikini waxing within 4-6 weeks and receive a $5 discount every time.
We use a high quality wax that is gentle on the skin. Please allow 2 weeks of growth from shaving. It is recommended to GENTLY exfoliate the area 24 hours prior to waxing for efficient hair removal. Waxing services are not recommended for diabetics or clients using Retin-a or skin thinning prescription products.
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