What Will A Peel Do For You?
A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, and photo aging.
  • Removes the build-up of dead skin cells
  • Stimulates the regenerative process
  • Decreases wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin texture, tone, and hydration
  • Reduces pore size
  • Helps clearing of blemishes
  • Promotes more balanced oil production and healthier skin
A potent rejuvenator for all skin types, Rhonda Allison’s Hibiscus Peel is a chemical peel which contains a second generation AHA obtained from hibiscus chalices. While the Hibiscus flower is beautiful, it is also potent. Even more moisturizing than lactic acid, this phytic/pyruvic acid is a non-irritating, phyto-bioactive peel that may be paired with other skin peeling agents for additional healing and acne, oil-prone skin treatments.
  • Tones skin and stimulates collagen activity
  • Provides antioxidant support and moisturizing benefits
  • Accelerates cell turnover and promotes skin lightening
Featuring Rhonda Allison’s DN AGE PEEL. For a quick sneak-peak, watch the video below.

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